Lacquered wooden bangles from Channapatna, India by craft stories and Lai. handcrafted, handmade, sustainable and organic.

With love from South India, a collection of hand-turned,

lacquered wooden jewelry

sterling silver Birdi jewelry by craft stories and Lai, India. handcrafted, handmade, sustainable and original.

Discover our stunning sterling silver collection

Bidri x MCM

We are storytellers. Of lands that inspire us, its people, and its craft traditions. We use centuries-old craft traditions to etch out these stories and share them with the world.

Craft Stories is a design-led collaboration with artisan clusters in India. We create contemporary accessories that blend traditional craftsmanship with a modern aesthetic and sustainable design ethos.

Our designs are both culturally nuanced and forward-looking at the same time.  A celebration of the much overlooked 'Indian Minimalism', influenced by our love for Bauhaus. We are fresh, off-trend, and unique.