Blue pottery design development in Jaipur, India

Collaborations are a catalyst for growth. They are fodder for creativity and intellectual stimulation. They widen perspective and often open up new ones.

If you are a brand or a creative entrepreneur looking to work with Indian crafts, drop us a line to explore possible collaborations.

Cultural preservation, sustainability, economic upliftment, and creating timeless designs are our guiding principles. Puja has been collaborating with some of the artisan clusters for over a decade. The rapport and trust born out of these long-term relationships are at the core of our work.

Besides founding and running an artisanal jewelry brand (Lai), for a decade, Puja has served as a consultant, in the handmade/craft space, for various organizations like Neemrana Hotels, National Crafts Museum, Delhi, Fair Trade Forum India, Khadi and Village Industries Commission (KVIC), and COHANDS amongst others.