CRAFT STORIES is a design-led collaboration with artisan clusters in India, to create contemporary, yet timeless, personal and home accessories. We celebrate the much overlooked 'Indian Minimalism', influenced by our love for Bauhaus and West Coast aesthetics. An East meets West if you will.



By employing traditional craftsmanship to craft contemporary products, we aim to promote and help revive fading artistic traditions, preserving generations-old know-how.

By working directly with the artisans, we hope to help them retain a positive sense of identity, both about their craft as well as the value of their own skills. The end goal being, sustainable employment opportunities, and market access, so artisans don’t have to leave their crafts in pursuit of adequate income elsewhere.


We subscribe to fair trade principles and only collaborate with artisan workshops where the craftsmen work under respectable conditions and are fairly compensated. We are proud members of NEST and IFAM.

Designed in California, inspired by and handcrafted in India. Shipped with love to be worn and enjoyed across the globe. Find our designs at leading museum stores and concept boutiques across the USA.

FOUNDER AND DESIGNER: Puja Bhargava Kamath

Puja has worked in the jewelry and craft sector for over 20 years. Her work took her to remote parts of India and gave her an opportunity to witness first-hand the magic of century-old craft traditions. This passion and a deep abiding sense of commitment to traditional skills and cultural preservation lead to the creation of 'Craft Stories'.

California based, Puja graduated from India's premier design institute, NIFT, New Delhi, and has won several design awards including those from DeBeers and World Gold Council. She also founded and heads the much-loved indie jewelry label Lai